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  • Yuchai container genset
Yuchai container genset

Yuchai container genset

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Container Generators Features
Containers are widely used for transporting goods in international trade. For large power ratings diesel generators, Kaihua Power can integrate the generator together with standard container for customers. In one hand,container diesel gensets can endure rough weather and environment condition. In the other hand, standard container gensets will reduce the freight cost sharply.

Main features of Kaihua Container diesel gensets:
1. Standard container dimensions with required certificates for delivering on the sea.
2. Easy maintenance to generators with front , back and side doors. Customers can choose to draw gensets out of the container when needed.
3. All hinges, locks and bolts are made of stainless steel. The whole container is sea-wave-proof and rain-proof.
4. For soundproof type container, Kaihua uses the advanced sound absorbing material which is flame proof and with good sound insulation performance.
5. Special silencer of residential class which can reduce exhaust sound level to a large extent.
6. With scientific design for ventilation. User friendly design for the controller space to make sure easy access to control the genset.

Model Standby Power Prime Power Model Dimension Weight
kVA kWe kVA kWe (Yuchai) mm KG
KH-600GF 825 660 750 600 YC6C1020L-D20 20GP 9400
KH-640GF 880 704 800 640 YC6C1070L-D20 20GP 9550
KH-720GF 990 792 900 720 YC6C1220-D31 20GP 9660
KH-800GF 1100 880 1000 800 YC6C1320-D31 20GP 9750
KH-900GF 1238 990 1125 900 YC6C1520-D31 20GP 9960
KH-1000GF 1375 1100 1250 1000 YC12VC1680-D31 40HC 16700
KH-1200GF 1650 1320 1500 1200 YC12VC2070-D31 40HC 16800
KH-1500GF 2060 1650 1875 1500 YC12VC2510-D31 40HC 16960
KH-1600GF 2200 1760 2000 1600 YC12VC2700-D31 40HC 17070

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