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Methane gas generator set market is the main trend of electricity generating industries in the future.

To achieve lower electric costs in a low-emission future, we use gas as fuel for power generation or power plant.

• Methane gas is abundant in supply resource and proven to be a cost-saving alternative fuel.

• Methane gas engine reduces our carbon footprint, the amount of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide (CO-2)

released into the atmosphere, is a nationwide priority and part of a larger plan to combat global climate change. Methane gas provides a superior alternative to conventional fuels. Switching to methane gas fuel from gasoline or diesel reduces CO-2 emissions by up to 30%.

Methane Gas family mainly includes natural gas (CNG, LNG, PNG), Oilfield Associated Petroleum Gas, Coalmine Gas, Coalbed Gas, Shales Gas, Biogas, etc. Above gas types can be burned by Kaihua gas generator sets.

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